Giant Doughnut Bags Set Guinness World Record. Can You Guess Its Weight?


Last Updated: September 18, 2023, 18:24 IST

The giant doughnut was later donated to a non-profit organisation. (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The giant doughnut was later donated to a non-profit organisation. (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The giant doughnut was equal to approximately 1,500 standard-sized doughnuts and weighed 102.5 kilograms.

When thinking about desserts, doughnuts come to mind as a convenient and incredibly delicious option. This round, delectable treat comes with our favourite toppings and flavours, instantly bringing joy to our faces. Doughnuts are typically deep-fried and hand-sized, perfect for eating in a few bites. However, a chef-blogger duo has set a Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest doughnut. This creation is equal to approximately 1,500 standard-sized donuts. Yes, you read that right.

Chef Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis, popularly known as Lynja, curated a 102.5-kilogramme pink frosted doughnut. Nick DiGiovanni posted a video on his YouTube channel on Saturday that documented the step-by-step process of how they made the huge treat. Watch the video here:

While talking to Guinness World Records, Nick revealed, “After much deliberation, and yes, a bit of friendly arguing, we ultimately settled on the one: the iconic pink frosted doughnut, reminiscent of Homer Simpson.”

However, during their online quest for inspiration, Nick and Lynn stumbled upon something intriguing called a “doughnut cake.”

“It’s a perfect fusion of doughnut and cake, two of the most beloved foods in the world,” Nick added.

To make this huge doughnut cake, Lynn and Nick combined oil, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, sour cream, and homemade vanilla extract. They infused the mixture with cocoa powder and coffee extract to infuse a delightful chocolate flavour into their creation.

Nick and Lynn started making the doughnut cake by filling 100 trays for baking. After a thorough baking session, it was time to assemble the cake. They cut all the sheet cakes in half and covered the base with buttercream frosting. Each layer of the doughnut received a covering of six sheet cakes, and they carefully trimmed the edges to minimise waste. This layering process was repeated an additional 10 times, and after chilling the doughnut for an hour, three more layers were added.

The cake underwent additional chilling, with more buttercream spread across it. To meet the record’s requirement, the doughnut cake needed to measure at least one foot in height. Nick and Lynn then used stencils to carve the doughnut’s round shape and create a central hole. As the doughnut cake took form, Nick creatively kneaded together cake and frosting scraps, moulding them onto the doughnut’s surface. After applying multiple coats and colours to achieve the classic doughnut appearance, they concluded by pouring on the pink glaze.

The donut weighed 225 pounds, or roughly 102.5 kilograms. The duo chose to donate this massive confection to the non-profit organisation Farmnik in Boston, ensuring that their incredible creation did not go to waste.


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