Woman’s ‘Courage’ Story After Parents Pay Rs 40 Lakh for Masters Will Remind You of Ananya Panday

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Last Updated: September 18, 2023, 14:20 IST

Representative Image (Photo Credits: iStock)

Representative Image (Photo Credits: iStock)

Woman’s post on her neighbour from a well-to-do family not acknowledging her generational wealth but calling her move to abroad ‘courageous’ goes viral.

Moving abroad for higher studies remains a distant dream for many, mainly due to the significant financial burden it imposes, a reality not shared by every Indian household. This is what frustrated a woman on ‘X,’ who just couldn’t contain her anger after her neighbour called her move abroad a ‘courage,’ despite knowing she came from a well-to-do family and had only relocated to her aunt’s house, a place she visited annually for holidays. Taking to social media, she vented her frustration towards this dishonesty and lack of appreciation for their generational wealth in a post that has now gone viral.

User @stuutiiiii shared a screenshot of her anonymous neighbour’s Instagram story praising those who moved away from their home country to build their dreams from scratch, writing, “To all the girlies who took a leap of faith, moved away from their homes country, their families to build their dream life, who started from scratch…here’s a little shoutout to you! It takes courage to be the FIRST of anything. To not have generational wisdom or wealth to lean on. I’m proud of you.”

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Alongside the screenshot, Stuti described it, saying, “A girl in my neighborhood went to the uk for her master’s degree because her half father’s side of the family lives there. her mom said they spent around 40 lakhs on her education. now, this is her story, and i’m furious. why does everyone seem to be dishonest somehow?”

People had mixed reactions to this, with some calling the poster ‘bitter,’ while others agreed with her. The debate continued, with some emphasising the courage it takes to uproot one’s life, and others stressing the importance of acknowledging privilege.

“Even if half her family is there, it takes courage to uproot your life and move half away across the world. Everyone is going through struggles you can’t see and it’s okay to be a little kind than bitching about it on twitter like this,” commented one user. “She may have it a little easy in the beginning but she’s prob managing uni & work, living away home & starting from scratch no matter how much her parents spent on uni. If she went there on scholarship & had no family there, her struggle wouldn’t be any different. don’t be bitter,” said another.

Meanwhile, the poster went on to clarify, “Relocating to a spot you visit every year for shopping and vacations appears rather routine and uncomplicated to my eyes. if expressing anger towards someone unappreciative of the high quality life they’ve been given without requesting it makes me seem bitter, well, then i’m perfectly content with being so.”

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Conversely, there were individuals who agreed with the original poster, with one writing, “Exactly..it’s nothing wrong to be privileged but damn acknowledge it and don’t try to preach stuff…”. “Aesa ‘no generational wealth’ mujhe bhi chahiye bhagwan ji main grateful bhi rahungi humesha,” quipped another.

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 340K views on the micro-blogging site.

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