This Cheese Maggie Appe Is The Latest Bizarre Food Fusion On The Block

This Cheese Maggie Appe Is The Latest Bizarre Food Fusion On The Block

Last Updated: September 19, 2023, 10:43 IST

Will you give it a try? (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Will you give it a try? (Photo Credits: Instagram)

While some have praised this innovative creation, classic Maggie lovers have disapproved of this combination.

Maggie has always been the go-to option for most of us in times of confusion. These instant noodles are capable of satisfying our cravings at any hour. Over time, people have embraced their culinary creativity, pushing the boundaries with unconventional and peculiar Maggie preparations. From blending it with yoghurt to experimenting with Maggie Dosa and even incorporating it into ice cream cones, food enthusiasts have introduced both bizarre and unique combinations. And the latest addition to this trend, Cheese Maggie Appe, has sparked mixed reactions from the online community. A viral video showcasing this inventive creation is currently generating buzz on the internet.

The video shows a detailed step-by-step process for making cheese Maggie appe. It opens up with the blogger applying oil to the appe mould. Following that, pre-cooked Maggie is spooned into the moulds. A cube of cheese is nestled between each Maggie portion, with an additional spoonful of the noodles added on top to cover the cheese. Once the assembly is complete, the mould is covered, allowing the appe to cook. After a brief period, the Maggie appes are flipped, to be cooked until they attain a golden-brown colour on both sides. By the end of the video, we can see a satisfying cheese pull.

This video was posted on Instagram by a food blogger named Divyanshi with a caption that read, “Cheese Maggie appe.”

Watch the video of the preparation of cheese Maggie appe here:

Posted on August 4, the video has garnered more than 67,000 views so far, with a mix of reactions from viewers. While some have praised this innovative creation, there has also been disapproval from classic Maggie lovers.

A user wrote, “Wow just amazing.” While another added, “Looks good.” One of the viewers disliked the culinary combination and said, “Maggie ke sath athyachar rook (Stop torturing the Maggie).”

In a similar example of food experiment, a man mixed the energy drink Sting with Maggie, creating a bizarre combination. The process began with the vendor pouring Sting, the energy drink, into a sizzling hot pan. Without hesitation, he opened the packet of Maggie noodles and added them to the pan, along with a handful of vegetables, a sprinkle of masala, and a spoonful of ghee to enhance the flavour. The result was visually striking: a vibrant, red-hued Maggie dish. Watch:

This unusual combination faced strong opposition from foodies who deemed it harmful to health.

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